Program Services


STRIVE Core Class

The STRIVE Job-Readiness Attitudinal Training is an intense process in which difficult to employ individuals are taught the skills necessary to seek gainful employment and to become productive members of the workforce. Each cycle starts with an orientation and then lasts the next four weeks with a graduation on the last day. Emphasizing responsibility, communication, and self-sufficiency, the entire training takes place in a simulated work environment. and that’s not the end of the road, An extensive follow-up system is used to provide post-placement support. STRIVE actively maintains contact with graduates for at least two years to address any problems that occur.  STRIVE classes occur every four weeks at the LIFE Empowerment Center.

Pitt County Re-entry

The Pitt County reentry program is the transition individuals make from prison or jail to the community. This transition involves the use of programs targeted at promotion their effective reintegration back into society. A successful re-entry process has benefits in terms of both public safety and the long term personal growth of the ex-offender. The Pitt County Reentry Council meets the Third Thursday of each month.  The services provided by this program are:

  • Intensive case management
  • Employment opportunity services
  • Education assistance
  • Housing referrals
  • Transportation assistance
  • Referrals for substance abuse and mental health counseling
  • Transition coaches
  • Job development and training
  • Support and follow up

Family LIFE Seminars


Family Life Involvement with Purpose or better know as FLIP is a life skills program that also runs four weeks. During these four weeks you will learn about:

  • How to increase knowledge of basic household techniques
  • How to identify and develop support groups
  • How to understand and appreciate different cultural and ethnic groups
  • How to keep their home and themselves safe
  • How to be prepared and equipped for personal crisis
  • How to take control of their physical health and proper diet
  • How to strengthen and heighten awareness of your emotional well-being
  • How to educate yourself on resources available for legal and medical matters
  • How to take advantage of available

Fatherhood Initiative

  • Real Men Talks the first Monday of every Month
  • Fatherhood Classes to support new fathers on Thursday nights
  • Men Mentors providing role models for young men

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